My Garden is not a Cat Toilet!

Monorail cat

Every gardener has a nemesis – a pest that drives them to distraction. If you’re in a rural location then it might be bunnies, or deer. Some people even have problems with badgers. Or perhaps you’re more familiar with possums or pigeons than you’d like.

In an urban garden there’s one pest that transcends all others. It scratches up seedlings, flattens down perennials, contaminates the soil and kills wildlife. But you can’t trap it, shoot it or poison it? Why not? Because it’s your neighbour’s pet cat.

My Garden is Not a Cat Toilet‘ is a practical book of 101* ways you can discourage neighbourhood cats from leaving unpleasant messages in your garden without resorting to high security fencing that would make Fort Knox look like an easier target.

Written in Emma Cooper’s practical, ‘voice of experience’ style, ‘My Garden Is Not a Cat Toilet’ guides you to low cost but effective solutions that will encourage cats to ‘go’ elsewhere and leave your garden a haven of pleasant smells without booby traps.

Exasperation, desperation and humour shine through the whole book, which has a care-worn foreword by Dave Hamilton (of the Self-Sufficientish website, and author of Grow Your Food for Free).

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