Growing Vegetables is Fun!

a magbook for kids by Emma Cooper

Growing Vegetables is Fun! opens up the wonderful and enriching world of organic gardening for young readers, whilst introducing them to the importance of eating and living healthily. Along the way, children can do what all the famous explorers do and keep a diary of their progress using the scrapbook, noting down all the new vegetables and garden wildlife they discover.

Publisher: Dennis Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781856230469
ISBN-10: 1856230465
3rd edition, 148 pages
RRP £5.99

Praise for ‘Growing Vegetables is Fun!’

“Not only does Growing Vegetables is Fun! introduce children to a number of seeds and plants, but through containing a scrapbook and seed diary, also provides hours of educational fun!” Primary Times Magazine

“If you want to encourage your little gardeners, invest in this MagBook. It introduces budding green fingers to the fun side of gardening, teaching them about seeds. techniques and healthy eating too.” Julia Stringer, in The Daily Mail

“My 10 year old daughter loves this bookazine, she was so excited with the idea of it she sowed spring onions, peas, leeks, beetroot, radish, cress and lettuce on the day we bought it! That leaves the carrot, pumpkin and basil seeds for another day. The peas are doing well and all the other vegetables have come up minus a few lost to slugs! She’s been busy writing notes in the bookazine and we must take some photos too. It is laid out really well with clear concise instructions for each vegetable plus tips for success. Overall a great introduction to vegetable growing for kids.”, Madeleine Giddens from Mad About Herbs.


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