Contributor guidelines

Guest posts

I do not publish commercial guest posts – anyone wishing to include a commercial link in a post should refer to the guidelines for sponsored posts below. I am most interested in publishing posts by genuine bloggers with their own, regularly updated, website. Please note that I am not currently in a position to pay contributors.

I only publish original posts written in high quality English on a topic that would be interesting to readers of The Unconventional Gardener – including, but not limited to, kitchen gardening and homegrown food, edible plants, foraging, composting and soil improvement, wildlife gardening and eco living – supplied with at least one suitable image that you have either taken yourself or which is available royalty-free (so please supply the source along with the image).

You can either send a completed article or a synopsis in the first instance – whatever works best for you. Word count would normally be 800 to 1200 words, but if you have an idea that falls outside this range then send a query.

You should include a short bio with a link to your blog. Any other links included in the article will be converted to No Follow links, and affiliate links will not be allowed.

You retain the rights to your work, but by submitting a guest post you grant me a license to use it on my websites for as long as I see fit. (If, at any point, you wish your post to be deleted, then get in touch to discuss it.) If you want to republish it elsewhere online then you must rewrite it, not simply duplicate it, or include a link to show this blog as the original source.

Ideally guest posters will promote their post on social media (and I will help with that), and check back for a while to respond to any reader comments.

I won’t publish articles that don’t meet these standards, and I will be running a check for duplicate content. I reserve the right to make minor edits; if anything major needs doing I probably won’t be publishing your article!

Still reading? Send your pitch/ article to with the subject line “I have read the guidelines!”. If you have more than one large file to send then don’t attach them – we’ll sort out an alternative transfer method.

Please note: Due to the volume of enquiries I receive, however, I am unable to respond to those which do not pique my interest. If you have not heard from me within 30 days, then feel free to take your ideas elsewhere.

For examples of guest posts that I have published, read:
Carl Legge’s oca pizza recipe
How pandas helped me appreciate brassicas
Lavender and oregano salt
Moving beyond potatoes for more calories in a small space
Gardening with a disability
Of fat white grubs and pale jade beads
Not in my backyard
A ramble about the bramble

Sponsored blog posts

I get a lot of offers of commercially-motivated guests posts for this blog. I bin them, because I’ve been down that road once or twice and the content is usually either dire or not unique. If there’s no value to my readers, it’s not going to appear on this site. Neither is anything not relevant to my chosen subjects – gardening, food and green living, with occasional forays into related areas.

I am happy to write commercially sponsored blog posts that will be of interest to my readers. Moaning Myrtle was one such post. Where do you get your garden ideas? is another.

If you represent a company and would like to go down this route, email me with your proposal. I am happy for you to pick the topic (subject to it being a relevant one), but my words will be my own. I don’t do advertorials, so what I write will be genuinely useful content. I will accept reasonable suggestions of ad link-text, and it will be clear that the post has been sponsored – asking for that information to be hidden would be a violation of my ethical code. I generally charge £50 for a post that includes a link of your choice, but let me know if that’s outside your budget.

Similarly, if you would like to hire me to write blog posts or articles for publication elsewhere, or offer products for review, then please get in touch.