Crumbs! Must try th...

Crumbs! Must try this one 🙂  

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I try very hard not to waste any bread. Last week I threw out half a loaf because it had gone mouldy; I had intended to turn it into breadcrumbs, but time got away from me.... Food Waste School Report says "must try harder"  🤣 

I have a collection of ideas on how to use up bread on the blog, but one that I am now longing to try is Tom Hunt's burnt toast sorbet, particularly as it is dairy-free. It does involve some prep (and finding space in the freezer for the ice cream machine), so it might take me a little while to get around to it. 

He says:

if your toast is black as night, it might be beyond salvaging, but if it’s just a little charred, scrape or cut off and discard anything that is properly burned and leave it on a plate to dry out. You can then keep it indefinitely to use like stale bread, or to thicken sauces and stews, to which it will impart just a hint of that nostalgic, toast-y flavour.

Which is an interesting idea for leftover bread. A quick over-toasting and it will store indefinitely? Hmmmm....

It reminds me a little bit of melba toasts, which I've only really had in posh restaurants, but apparently you can make your own, and they'd probably last a good long while in an airtight container.

Posted : 2nd February 2019 4:08 pm

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