Wild Garlic butter  

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'Tis the season for wild garlic (ramsons), the pungent leafy green that springs up in the hedgerows (and I planted it in the garden - Tamed Garlic?)

Last year we made Wild Garlic butter, which is a good way to get its flavour into other dishes, and it's simple enough. 

For 250g butter* you'll need about 50g finely chopped wild garlic. You soften the butter, mash the two together, use baking parchment to roll it into a log and then pop it in the fridge to solidify again. You can put it in the freezer; if you leave it in there too long it goes a bit cheesy (oops!), but we used some of ours to fry leeks last night and it was still fine.

*I use salted butter, because it's what we have. You can use unsalted, and then add salt according to your preference.


We've just had the garden fence replaced, and the flat footed builders have trampled my wild garlic half to death. I am hoping it's early enough in the season for it to recover and grow well enough for me to harvest it!


Posted : 19th March 2019 4:54 pm

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