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Shopping without Amazon  

Environmentalist Admin

I have to admit that we are a pretty Amazon-dependent household. We have an Amazon Prime subscription, which makes it easy to just click and have things delivered for free the next day. It's really useful for sending gifts to other people, too, particularly internationally. 

On the other hand, Amazon are a pretty lousy company. They treat their workers badly, and they avoid paying their taxes. And the Amazon effect is killing off small and local businesses all across the country as 'bricks and mortar' retailers just can't compete, and consumers use them for 'showrooming' rather than shopping.

So my goal for this year is to stop the automatic clicking, and really make an effort not to use Amazon as our default retailer. Ethical Consumer have a (free) guide to shopping without Amazon that will be useful. I have already ordered one book through Hive, an online retailer that supports UK high street bookshops - it wasn't cheaper on Amazon, I got free delivery, and although I may have had to wait a couple more days for my book to arrive, I felt good about it!

Posted : 23rd January 2019 6:42 am

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