• the only take away you ever visit is the local pizza place – because you want the pizza boxes to add more ‘browns’ to your compost.
  • you sneak around the neigbourhood on bin day to rescue bags of grass cuttings or fallen leaves before they’re taken off to landfill.
  • you know exactly how long it takes the Yellow Pages to rot down to nothing.*
  • you frequent the local coffee shop not because you’re a caffeine addict, but because they’ll give you their used coffee grounds to take home.
  • you keep a spade and a bucket in the boot of the car, just in case you come across a pile of horse manure.
  • you dig through the bin to make sure that your partner/children/visitors haven’t thrown anything away that might be compostable.

I wrote this as a light-hearted piece for the first Oxfordshire Master Composters Newsletter.

Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments!

*In my heaps, about 2 years!

© Copyright Emma Cooper, 2008. All rights reserved.