Just over 3 weeks ago, I started the AeroGarden on its latest mission – rooting herb cuttings. Unsurprisingly, the mint was the first plant to take root, which it did in under a week.

Roots on AeroGarden mint cutting
Roots on the mint cutting, taken 24 Sep 2019

It continued its precocious streak by rapidly growing new leaves:

New leaves on AeroGarden mint cutting
New leaves on the mint cutting, 27 Sep 2019

Four days ago it was starting to branch out:

AeroGarden herbs

And this is what its roots look like today:

Roots on space mint in the AeroGarden
Rootball on the new mint plant!

The Space Sage cutting (geddit? 😂) started rooting around the beginning of October, and is now growing beautiful, purple, furry new leaves:

Space sage growing new leaves!

Which just leaves us waiting for the rosemary. Will it manage to root in the AeroGarden? I don’t know!