PR Monkey

I am busy updating the manuscript for Jade Pearls and Alien Eyeballs, and am making good progress. I am anticipating having it all ready to be published at the beginning of May 2014, and at that point I would like to embark on a virtual book tour.

What’s a virtual book tour?
Publishers with marketing budgets often send their authors off on book tours when their new book is published. It’s a chance to do signings in book stores, give talks or readings and meet some of your audience – who may well then buy a copy of your book.

A virtual book tour is exactly like that, but it doesn’t involve me leaving the house or lugging a crate of books around the country (which would be tricky with an ebook, anyway). Instead of frequenting book shops and church halls, I will popping around blogs and websites and spreading the word about my new book and how wonderful it is.

Which is where you come in. If you have a blog or website, you could host an event for me. On a given day on the tour you could post an interview with me, or host a chat. You could review the book. I can record a reading from the book or write a guest blog for you. If you’re a foodie you could put together a special recipe post, so that people have something to sustain them at the book launch party 🙂

Of course, you might have a better idea – something that would fit with both the book (which is about unusual edible plants and the people who grow them) and your blog audience.

If you’d like to book a place on my virtual tour, send an email to my PR Monkey with your blog/website address and an idea (if you have one) of the event you’d like to host.

Thank you 🙂