Of the many garden plants that my chickens like to eat, there two weeds that I have not managed to identify. I have taken some photos, so perhaps you know what they are?

Weed 1: Herb Robert

Weed 1 is quite pretty, with little pink flowers and dainty leaves. However, it doesn’t smell particularly nice when you bruise the foliage.

Weed 2

Weed 2 leaf close-up

Weed 2 burr

Weed 2 is leafier, and the chickens will sometimes peck at the leaves but it’s the seeds they go nuts for. The seed heads come apart into hooked seeds that stick to everything in sight. It’s easy for me to get covered in seeds when I’m working in the garden, and if I sit down in the chicken run the hens will peck them all off for me!

I assume they’re both pretty common weeds, but what are they? You can click through for larger versions of the photos if you want a good look.