Egg Parade

Cluck Skywalker has been laying bright white eggs for maybe three weeks now. She has even laid an egg with two yolks – one of the highlights of chicken keeping that we had not previously experienced. Chewbucka was obviously younger when she arrived – she was a tiny bundle of feathers with no comb to speak of (Cluck’s was huge, and is now even bigger). Chewie laid her first egg on Saturday, so we are once again a two-egg family (Princess doesn’t seem to lay anymore, but we don’t mind).

The only problem is that poor little Chewie has developed a limp, so we’re going to take her to the vet to get her checked out. She’s friendly, placcid and easy to catch, so that shouldn’t be a problem. If it was Cluck then we would have trouble, as she’s completely manic!

The last few days have been very hot, but yesterday was overcast so I did manage to spend some time in the garden. Initially I couldn’t decide what to do, but then I remembered that the jostaberry had disappeared among a curtain of tall weeds, so I went in to pull those up. Two hours and several trugs later, it has reappeared. So far this year it has escaped the sawfly that ate through it’s leaves last year; now that it has room to breathe I expect they will find it with no trouble!

The weeds were home to a number of snails. Some of them I chucked back into the ‘wild’ patch by the side of the Grow Dome; the others are starting an extended period of incarceration in the compost bin, where they can help dispose of the weeds.

The only way is up

This is a mug shot of one of the offenders. Anyone fancy thinking up a caption?