The media likes to say we’re in a second space race, or the second space age, referring to the commercialisation of space exploration. Personally, I prefer my Second Space Sage.

Last October, there were herb cuttings in the AeroGarden, including a space sage. It had rooted nicely and was growing well, but in December I had technical issues with the AeroGarden and had to abort the space sage mission, and it didn’t take kindly to the rough re-entry to Earth conditions.

Space coriander

Earlier this year I tried growing coriander in the AeroGarden, with limited success. The coriander seeds didn’t germinate in the damp conditions. I tried germinating them in a more normal way, and then transplanting them into the AeroGarden, and that worked much better. But the plants attracted aphids, so last month I pulled them out and cleaned up the AeroGarden.

It was very hot that day, and when I went outside to pick some sage leaves, I found that my two established plants were struggling*. So I took some cuttings and set them to root in the AeroGarden. That was the 18th June.

Sage cuttings in the AeroGarden

There have been some Life things happening, so I wasn’t really paying attention. But I think it was last week when I checked and saw that the cuttings had formed their first root. They’re now all well rooted and growing, so welcome to the second space sage!

Space Sage

*It has rained quite a bit since then, and the sage plants in the garden have perked up nicely.