In March 2020, young people across the UK will gather in Birmingham for The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair  – a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The event is free to attend, and you can register now if you want to go.

To highlight how our food may change in the future, the Big Bang Fair paired up with futurist Tom Cheesewright and a London pizzeria to imagine what the Pizza of the Future might look like. 

They predict that, by 2039, we’ll be eating pizzas made from hydroponic tomatoes, vegan cheeses and a cricket-flour crust. The vertical farms of the future will grow crops in coconut fibre (coir) and keep bees for pollination.

“The Big Bang Pizza of the Future has been made using technology that is ready right now, but more big changes are on the way. We are just around the corner from commercially-available lab-grown meats and cheeses and giant vertical farms supplying city supermarkets with salad leaves.

Your future pizza might be made from ingredients that have never seen the sun or grazed in a field. And, it might be 3D printed by a robot chef and then carefully charred around the edges by a laser grill. This is truly just a taster of what the future holds.

Replacing 20%-25% of the grain used for bread with a protein-packed alternative such as crickets could transform our reliance on the planet’s resources such as water, energy and land.”

Tom Cheesewright, via Big Bang Fair
The Pizza of the Future passes a stringent taste test!
Image credit: Big Bang Fair

By 2069, your pizza might be 3D printed by a robot chef, charred with lasers and topped with lab-grown cheese and meat.

“As we become more and more connected to other cultures around the world, we can expect to see lots of new flavours. In 20 years, we might see pizzas inspired by some of the fastest-growing countries around the world. Maybe Yaji spice mix from Nigeria, or sweet and hot Indonesian Rujak.”

Tom Cheesewright, via Big Bang Fair