Regular readers will have noticed that I had my head in the World War 2 Home Front at the end of last year – the ways in which ordinary people ‘did their bit’ and contributed to the war effort. The Home Front wasn’t confined to the UK, it was common across all of the Allied countries, although the form it took (and the rationing people endured) was different in different places. What was common to them all was the spirit, a real sense of everyone pulling together for a common purpose.

In 2018, scientists told us that we had 12 years to prevent a climate change catastrophe. We’ve known for decades that we are damaging the climate (and polluting our environment more generally), but getting people (and world leaders) to take action has been tricky. We’re losing the battle for the climate, and so now is the time for everyone to do their bit, in a WW2-style mobilisation.

There are activists on the front line, fighting to win hearts and minds and create a different vision of humanity’s future. That’s not a role that everyone can take on, but there’s plenty the rest of us can do, and that’s what the New Home Front is all about.

I am not the first person to see parallels between our wartime efforts and the current crisis, but I think it’s an idea whose time has come. For that reason, Ryan and I have added a forum to the website – the New Home Front Community. The idea is to create a friendly place with a positive vibe – we’re aiming to create a kinder, cleaner and better world for all, after all.

I am hoping it will be a place where we can have real conversations about the environment, gardening, cooking, crafts and general eco-living, without attracting the avalanche of negativity that so often accompanies these things on ‘social’ media. Over time, it should also become a repository of useful information, a place to share and find expertise and hone your skills for sustainable living.

I hope you’ll come and join me in the Community (which is very new and in beta testing, so there may be some teething problems…) and help my vision come to life.

Be excellent to each other, and the planet.