Brain loves books. It loves libraries, it loves bookshops, and it likes looking through other people’s bookshelves. Sometimes it seems as though it likes having books more than it does reading them. Certainly, that’s what the ever-growing Unread ShelfPile (there’s a shelf, and it overflows onto the floor and then some) seems to be saying.

I used to be an avid reader of books. These days, I’m an avid reader of the internet. I still want to be bookish; it’s just not as easy to find the time. So while I am not usually a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, Brain and I have come up with an idea for 2020.

It’s called the Book Jar.

Book Jar titles

I have made a list of *ahem* some of the unread books (I have not included the recipe books, and I haven’t gone looking for unread books that have escaped and are roaming the house. (It happens. I think they’re trying to breed.) I have included books that I started reading in 2019 and haven’t finished. The titles are mainly non-fiction, with the odd novel thrown in. 

There are 18 books on the list. I have written each title onto a slip of paper, folded them up and put them in a jar for a Lucky Book Dip. So when I finish a book, I can delve in the Book Jar and let the fates choose my next read.

The Book Jar

There’s only really one Rule, and Brain loathes it. Brain is not allowed to buy any more books until it has emptied the jar. 

Let’s see how well that goes!

Happy New Year, everyone.