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Review: Dream Matcha

I can’t decide how I feel about Matcha. On the one hand, it’s a fun plant product with a lot of history and ritual, and on top of that it’s supposed to be healthy. When you open the packet you’re confronted with a lovely jade green powder, packed with possibilities.

Tendrils: 160204

Welcome to Tendrils, your weekly round-up of plant-related internet goodness, published in time for a weekend of delightful reading.

Tendrils: 160129

Tea has been on my mind this week, so pop the kettle on and make yourself a brew and sit down for a tea-themed edition of Tendrils 🙂

Loose tea

We know that microbeads are a problem for ocean life; it seems obvious to me that they’re not going to be any better for soil life.

Lemony sun tea

Last week’s outdoor ‘cooking’ experiment didn’t involve lighting a fire – I relied on solar power!