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Publishing The Peat-Free Diet

A quick trip to the garden centre will visually confirm that the majority of potting composts still contain peat – choosing a peat-free option is unusual, although awareness is seeping into the mainstream.

A low-carbon garden

It seems ludicrous to deny the fact that the climate is changing, and that this wilder weather is the result.

Autumn Planting

When I was writing The Peat-Free Diet I discovered that Delfland Nurseries (who supply vegetable seedlings mail-order…

The Peat-Free Diet: Epilogue and Acknowledgements

When I set about blogging The Peat-Free Diet it was an experiment, an journey into the unknown. My aim was to provide gardeners who want to garden without the use of peat with the information they need to do so, and the book evolved into a gardening primer that assumed peat was not on the menu.