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Behind the Zines

Brain wants to make zines, self-published booklets with a small circulation, often made by cutting and sticking and photocopying.

Potato Pete in the 21st century

During WW2 the British government invented a cartoon character – Potato Pete – to encourage people to eat more homegrown potatoes and less bread, which was made from imported wheat.

2019 Garden Plan

Last autumn I started thinking about what I wanted to grow this year, and I decided that – given the current Brexit situation – it might be wise to have a garden of more traditional crops, ones that we enjoy eating, and which would give us fresh food in the event that all of the imports are stuck in a big parking lot in Kent awaiting customs checks.

Minister of Food Supplies

The government has appointed a new “Food Supplies Minister” to oversee protection of British food supplies through our turbulent Brexit from the European Union.