Sprouting Jerusalem artichokes

Our unwanted visitors have moved on, but not before one of their dogs bit one of my neighbours. They left two dogs behind, as well, which have been rescued and taken to the vet. The campus had people clearing up the rubbish yesterday.

Today, finally, is a lovely sunny day. One of the advantages of being freelance is that I can sometimes decide to take the day off and go out and play in the sunshine. I very often don’t – I have a ‘work first’ mentality which means the garden often gets neglected – but today I thought I would 🙂

One of the first things I did was to turn out the tubs of Jerusalem artichokes, which is long overdue. The tubers were starting to sprout. I have replanted 3 in each of 3 tubs, filled with fresh compost. The rest are in the fridge to be turned into soup. Or possibly Nigel Slater’s Jerusalem artichokes, leeks and black pudding, which is utterly delicious but provokes terrible wind!

Flying sedum

A few weeks ago I bought Ryan a spitfire plant pot, and he chose a lemony sedum to go in it. It wasn’t the easiest shape to pot up, but it’s done!

I also did a bit of pottering and a fair amount of weeding, and sowed some agretti seeds in a trough. I don’t imagine the garden really looks any different (there’s still a lot of weeding to be done!), but it was good to be outside on such a lovely day.

Ladybird on wild strawberries

But I will have to work tomorrow!