This tweet by one of my Twitter pals, sent my brain off on a bit of a detour this morning:

A certain British Prime Minister thinks she can win over the hearts and minds of the electorate by doing little else but parrot her catchphrase “strong and stable“. Understandably, the Twitter hashtag #StrongAndStable is being used by a mixture of Conservative supporters and those less convinced by the mantra.

So I think it’s time British gardeners showed the world what #StrongAndStable really means! I haven’t got my act together and set up any temporary plant supports yet this year (although I will need some – for the achocha if nothing else). So I don’t have a bamboo teepee to put on show. However… the arbour Ryan rebuilt from an L-shape to fit into the available space is very #StrongAndStable, and will be the perfect support for the two grape vines I planted last year:

Strong and Stable arbour

Whilst they may not look #StrongAndStable, the wires Ryan installed across the fence are there to support Jenny the kiwi:

Kiwi support #StrongAndStable

I’m thrilled she’s settling into her new home, after a very peripatetic start in life. She is under the bird feeder, though, which explains the splotches!

Raised bed cover #strongandstable

The raised bed cover I got last year is out again, covering some salad seedlings. It’s very #StrongAndStable, due to very long ground spikes and the fact that it is below the top of the raised beds – it’s very wind resistant. It’s so useful I have bought a second one – the one in the photo – to help with the hardening off. It’s currently home to most of my cucurbits.

What’s #StrongAndStable in your garden? If you’re on Twitter/FB/Instagram, you can share your photos with the hashtag and join in the fun. Let’s show everyone what Strong and Stable really looks like! 😀