I get a lot of offers of commercially-motivated guests posts for this blog. I bin them, because I’ve been down that road once or twice and the content is usually either dire or not unique. If there’s no value to the reader in it, then it’s not going to appear on this site. Neither is anything not relevant to my chosen subjects – gardening, food and green living, with occasional forays into related areas.

I am happy to write commercially sponsored blog posts that will be of interest to my readers – it’s one of the ways in which I recoup the costs of maintaining this website. Ashes to Ashes was one such post. Laying Down the Lawn is another.

If you represent a company and would like to go down this route, email me with your proposal. I am happy for you to pick the topic (subject to it being a relevant one), but my words will be my own. I don’t do advertorials, so what I write will be genuinely useful content. I will accept reasonable suggestions of ad link-text, and it will be clear that the post has been sponsored – asking for that information to be hidden would be a violation of my ethical code. I generally charge around £50 for a sponsored blog post, but let me know if that it outside your budget.

If you would like to hire me to write blog posts or articles for publication elsewhere, or offer products for review, then please get in touch.

If you are a blogger and you would like to write a non-commercial guest blog then please read the contributor guidelines before getting in touch.

If you’d like to know more about how I support this site then you can read my blog disclosure policy.