Chillies without the heat

My early sowings of pansies and cardamom (old seeds) have come to nothing, so today I turfed the plugs out into the garlic tub and sowed some chillies instead. Although the trend in recent years has been to go as hot as possible, I’ve gone the other way – I’d like the flavour without the heat.

And so I’ve chosen two fire-free chillies from Victoriana Nursery Gardens – Jalapeño Fooled You and Cayenne Sweet Chilli.

I’ve also sown some Padron sweet peppers, the traditional Spanish tapas pepper, and Numex Garnet, which is perfect for drying and turning into paprika.

Blight-resistant tomatoes from Victoriana Nursery Gardens.

When I placed my order, Victoriana were kind enough to enclose packets of their blight-resistant tomatoes. I’m not intending to grow tomatoes this year, so I have sent them off to a new home – Carl & Debs Legge will put them through their paces on their smallholding in sunny Wales 🙂