Show the Love

This year’s Show the Love campaign has a theme of ‘noticing change’. The idea is that, for Valentine’s Day, hearts are turning green to #ShowtheLove for everything we care for that’s under threat from climate change, from fluttering butterflies to walks in ancient woods.

The Woodland Trust and the Climate Coalition have put together an online form for people to record any of 10 key sings of spring they have seen. The deadline for submissions is 14th Feb, so get cracking and show the love! There’s more details on the website, including tips and photos of the species to look out for.


Of the 10 signs of spring on the list, Ryan and I have only noticed one so far – snowdrops flowering! Have you seen those, too? Or a queen wasp emerging, frogspawn, blackthorn flowers, hazel catkins, lesser celandine flowers, peacock butterflies, or blue tits and blackbirds nesting? Or have you started cutting the lawn? Tracking these signs of spring each year helps to show how the climate is changing.

Hotting up

Gardeners love looking out for signs of spring – it means the growing season is on the way! And for kitchen gardeners that means the joy of cooking and eating the fruits (and veg) of your labour are just around the corner. There’s no greater feeling than nurturing something from plot to plate.