Last month I added a new top reward level to my crowd-funded Patreon blog, a secret seed club. Simply put, supporters in the UK can opt to have a lovely packet of seeds (for an edible plant) posted to them each month. The first mail out was huge fun for me, and went down well with my supporters, and I’m excited to move on and create this month’s reward.

In the meantime, I have several of the first mailout leftover. They contain agretti seeds, together with growing instructions, some thoughts on how to eat it and some background information about the plant. If you’re sad you missed out (or know someone who would love it) then you can buy one of the last few remaining packets of this limited edition for £3.50, including UK P&P.

You can order here and pay through PayPal:

There are more photos of the package in the review at Vergette Gardens, and Backyard Larder has a more general write-up about the new blog and the reward levels.

If you’re interested to know what supporters will be getting in the mail this month then you’ll have to sign up – it’s a secret!

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