Seedier Explorers, Secret Seed Club rewards

It’s a snow day here, and I am busy putting together the reward packs for my Secret Seed Club supporters. There’s still time to sign up, if you’re based in the UK and you like getting surprise seeds through the post.

Nic at Dogwooddays is the latest blogger to receive and review the first mailout:

(and there’s still a couple of the agretti packs leftover, if you’d like to order one.)

So far my ethnobotanical explorers and I have been investigating the pleasures and pitfalls of wild Heracleum species, and the perfumed delights of citrus leaves. Our next expedition, leaving shortly, is to the mountains and ‘hollers’ of Appalachia, where wild and heirloom vegetables are the mainstays of a unique food culture.

This week, when the snow melts, I’m going to sow my first seeds of the season!

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