Common hogweed: secret seed club

For the past month I have been having an absolute ball researching and writing ethnobotanical (plant nerd) posts for my new Patreon blog. Over the past few days my vision for it has crystallised a bit more, and I’ve done a little bit of rebranding – it’s now A Secret Club for Ethnobotanical Explorers 🙂

I love reading and learning about plants (particularly edible ones), but I find that mainstream gardening magazines rarely cater for an audience that has developed beyond articles on when to sow your carrots and how to build a raised bed out of pallets. There are also wonderful gardening blogs out there, but filtering through them to find nuggets of exciting plant information takes a while. My Patreon blog is where I try to fill the gap and create exciting reading materials for edible plant nerds everywhere, and to write the kind of wordy, nerdy botanical articles I’d really love to be reading.

I’ve also been thinking about seed packets and seed swaps (’tis the season!) and I’ve come up with an idea about which I am getting indecently excited this afternoon.

I like seeds. I like stationery. I like post. I suspect I am not the only person to share this trio of nerdy interest. (I also like books. And plants. But that’s not relevant now).

Say it with seeds

You can get all kinds of wonderful subscriptions these days, for things that come in the mail to brighten your day. It has occurred to me before that it would be really cool to be able to get seed subscriptions, where someone with impeccable taste sends you a delightful packet of seeds each month for you to sow and obsess over. Even if there were people that did that, they would no doubt have a thing for flowers. I don’t have a thing for flowers. I mean, they’re nice and all, but I like plants you can eat.

So this has all come together and I have re-jigged the support levels for my Patreon blog. Junior Explorers will be able to come on (virtual) monthly expeditions with me, exploring the world of edible and useful plants. Explorers will also be able to read my new books as I am working on them.

Seedier Explorers (it’s a bit of a pun – try saying Senior as if you had a head cold) will get all of that and a tangible reward – a monthly packet of seeds chosen by yours truly. For $10 (which is about £7) they’ll get access to the monthly expeditions, the book blog posts and a seed subscription to boot. It’s like buying a subscription to a gardening magazine that comes with a free packet of seeds, except there’s no adverts and you won’t end up with 23 packets of carrots in your seed box. You just know I’m not going to choose run-of-the-mill varieties, don’t you? 😉

It’s all got a bit of a steampunk vibe going on, so now I am armed with antique paper and sealing wax and there are exciting seeds winging their way to me. So if you get as excited about those things as I do, head over to Patreon and sign up. The fun is about to begin!

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