Princess Layer

Princess Layer passed away in the night. She has gone to join her best friend Hen Solo in the big chicken coop in the sky. No doubt Henny will be happy to see her as they were inseparable for four years.

Princess Layer

Princess was never as bossy as Hen Solo, or as inquisitive, which meant she always came second in the race for treats. With Henny gone she became top chicken in our new trio – it took two months but she became firm friends with Cluck Skywalker and Chewbucka and they will miss her, but at least they have each other.


In the brief period that Princess was on her own, I asked her whether she would like to stay with us or move to a new home with new friends. She let me know, in no uncertain terms, that she would like to live out her life at home with us. And so she did. She will be sorely missed.

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