Lilac peppers

This time last year, I was buying some new things to try from Jungle Seeds. One of the things I chose was a bell pepper called ‘Lilac’. The Jungle Seeds website makes it tricky to link to, but click here for their picture.

The first thing that became apparent was that they weren’t going to end up lilac. I don’t know why – I don’t think I missed the lilac stage, although I wasn’t really paying attention. Instead they have come out as a very deep purple I would describe as aubergine (and not crimson, as the website suggests).

Which is slightly disappointing, but they did grow and we did get to eat one of the peppers (and there are more on the way), so it’s not all bad news.

Inside they are thin-walled and very seedy – good news for seed savers, but perhaps less so for cooks. They have a strong pepper smell, and taste like peppers but not overly sweet.

My verdict is that I may grow some of my home-saved seeds to see if they germinate and grow true, but otherwise this pepper seems to be a novelty and there are far better (and much earlier) varieties out there for kitchen gardeners.