In my article about growing your own peashoots I explain how to get more than one harvest from your pea seedlings – you simply snip off the top of the plants and allow them to continue growing.

As I have a batch growing in the kitchen at the moment I thought I would show you in more detail how that’s done, as I know from experience the indecision that can hit when you’re faced with attacking your seedlings with scissors!


If you want to treat your pea shoots as a ‘cut-and-come-again’ crop, then you need to snip them off just above a leaf joint (the lowest one is fine).

In the photo above you can see that I have done just that, and that a new shoot is appearing from the leaf joint.

New leaf

That new shoot grows a leaf, and then reaches for the sky and in a matter of days you will have a second harvest on your hand – just do the same again and you should get a third harvest after that. Their rate of growth depends on the temperature, light levels and water levels, but peashoots are a quick crop by anyone’s standards, and very tasty to boot.