I had a bit of time to do some garden things this morning, and finished my sowing list for the spring season, and sowed a batch of agretti seeds. But that’s not very visually exciting, so I thought I would introduce you to the two new berries that are going to be gracing my garden this year 🙂

Fuchsia berry

For the last couple of weeks my little fuchsia berries have been living in my propagator on the dining table. I have 5 plants, which I bought from Thompson & Morgan. I love fuchsias as flowers, and have long been fascinated by the knowledge that the fruit are edible – but most varieties are tasteless, at best. I always intended to embark on a hunt for the tastiest varieties, but in the last couple of years the seed companies have taken on that challenge instead, and fuchsia berries are the result. They’ll still grow beautiful flowers, so I’m looking forward to those. They’re only half hardy, so they can’t go outside until May, and I will be growing them in pots.


A slightly more impulsive choice was a pair of framberries – the plants arrived in my local Wyevale garden centre last week. They’re strawberries that are supposed to have a raspberry flavour! Ryan isn’t the biggest fan of strawberries, and I tend to find the large ones disappointing (I love alpine/ wild strawberries) so I thought we should give these a go. They did start off in the propagator for a few days, but have just gone outside to acclimatise.

New life in the Vietnamese coriander

Their place indoors has been filled with my Vietnamese coriander. After I left it outside all winter it looked all but dead, and I thought it probably was. I brought it indoors to see if some heat would bring it back to life, but I didn’t really have much hope. But it has! There is a little shoot, so I have trimmed off all the dead steams and watered it and will now coax it back into life for the summer (and treat it more kindly next winter!).