Jasmine flowers
The flowers of Jasminum sambac smell gorgeous, and are used to flavour Jasmine tea

Back in November I was talking about how tea bags don’t compost completely – manufacturers have added plastic fibres to the mix to make heat sealing easier.

This morning there’s an article in the Telegraph covering a report from Which? who have discovered something that has been difficult for lesser mortals – 6 out of 7 of the largest tea bag manufacturers don’t produce fully compostable tea bags. Teadirect, Typhoo, Tetley, PG Tips, Clipper and Twinings all use polypropylene in their bags; Jacksons of Piccadilly does not.

WRAP suggest we rip open our tea bags before we put them on the compost, or drink loose tea – neither is an ideal solution. Of course you could grow your own tea, or we could take advantage of the press coverage of this topic and ramp up the pressure on our favourite tea companies to make them change their bags.