When we last saw my mini polytunnel from First Tunnels, it was just an open frame, sitting out of the way on top of a raised bed until Ryan had time to finish it. Since then, Ryan has been working on putting a door onto the frame, with magnetic latches:

Making a door for the polytunnel

Magnetic latch on the polytunnel

Once that was done, it was time to cover it in insect netting:

Covering the polytunnel

Finished netting cover for the polytunnel

And now it’s finished, standing proudly over the garlic:

Finished mini polytunnel

It’s more protection than the garlic needs, but the mini polytunnel’s first real job will be to protect the ripening blueberries in the bed behind. For now, bees need access to the blueberry flowers. In the meantime, it is preventing the feral cat from fertilising the garlic any more!