Shed #1 last year

You might think that two sheds would be enough in one garden, but – truth be told – we have been a three-shed family since we assembled my potting shed and Ryan’s workshop last year. Shed #1 was an original occupant of the garden – it has been here longer than we have. And that’s why it rarely appears in photos; it’s old and shabby and permanently close to collapse.

To be honest we’re surprised that it is still standing, after the storms we’ve had this winter. But despite the fact that it has been lifted and moved several times, it’s hanging on. Just about. And it’s taking up floor space where my second set of raised beds are going to be.

We’ve been gradually emptying it out, but we discovered that we just don’t have anywhere else to keep some of the larger things, such as the lawnmower we wouldn’t need if we could just get rid of that bit of turf and put the raised beds in…. Finishing this garden is akin to trying to finish a Rubix cube!

So when GardenBuildingsDirect asked me if I would like to review a product from their range, Ryan and I put our heads together and selected the BillyOh Pent Bike Store, a small wooden shed that will go a bit further towards the house than the space Shed #1 is currently occupying, freeing up my raised bed space.

The BillyOh swiftly arrived, with the delivery driver carefully checking off each piece with a barcode scanner, making sure we got exactly what we ordered. After a quick perusal of the instructions, Ryan decided he would need some help with the assembly, and reassembled the father and son engineering team 🙂

Assembling the 'bike' shed

There was some early consternation when they discovered that what Ryan had thought was the floor, was in fact the roofing section. There was no floor. Was the floor missing? I checked and… it was not. For the BillyOh a floor is an optional extra. That’s no problem, we have some spare paving slabs we can lay down for a floor, but that will take us a little while. In the meantime, shed assembly continued.

Finished 'bike' shed

So this is Shed #4, currently residing on the patio until it can move to its permanent location. It’s between the two big sheds, and Ryan says it looks like they had a baby 😉

My engineering team declared the BillyOh to be good value for the price, with clear instructions and generous amounts of screws and nails provided. The only change Ryan would make would be to the roofing nails – he felt the ones provided were far too short.

Roofing nails

The roofing nail on the right is the size of the ones Ryan used, from his stores, and even then he said they were still a bit on the short side.

I provided the only real drama of the day, as I was pottering around the garden. I slipped, tripped and fell, banging my shin against the edge of a raised bed in the process. Work temporarily stopped on the shed as Ryan spotted me disappearing downwards, and the engineering team rushed over to make sure I was OK. I have a big lump on my shin, which will no doubt develop into the most colourful bruise ever over the next couple of weeks, but other than that I’m fine 🙂

Getting back to the shed, Ryan wants to add some door handles in due course, but for the moment the littlest shed is just settling in and waiting patiently until it can move to its new home. Isn’t it cute?

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