Let it grow: Purple sprouting broccoli 'Lancer'

On Thursday I sowed the first seeds of the season – two varieties of purple sprouting broccoli (Red Arrow and Lancer) and pepper Gogorez F1. They’ve been sitting in modules on the floor, benefiting from the warmth from the underfloor heating. The broccoli have already germinated, the peppers will take a bit longer.

Spitfire pot and sedum

During a quick trip to the garden centre over the weekend, I bought Ryan a present – a Spitfire pot and a new sedum to plant in it! We’re not quite sure where it will fit in the garden, but we’ll find a space for it.

Ryan also picked up a plastic grow bag tray, as he had a cunning plan to transform a leftover set of table legs into a grow table where my seedlings can live:

Let it grow: Grow table

He has screwed the tray to the top of the table legs, using rubber washers and sealant to ensure that any spilled water doesn’t drip on the floor. My PSB seedlings are now sitting under the window in the spare room, where they’ll get more light without being in the way 🙂

Grow table in action

My sowing list for next month is much longer, but for the moment they’ve got the space to themselves!