I’ve talked about hemp before on this blog, and about how it’s crazy that its cultivation is basically prohibited (you can grow it commercially, if you have a licence from the Home Office, and a buyer lined up) because some varieties of it are grown for their hallucinogenic properties and are called by various names, including marijuana. Hemp is an environmentally-friendly crop that can be used for all kinds of things, including fibres, and food.

Having said that, I’ve never really eaten it. I bought some hemp salad oil once and… didn’t love it. But Indigo Herbs have a selection of hemp products in their range (alongside other things that make this ethnobotanist very excited), and so I thought it was about time to see whether we can incorporate some hemp into our diet. I have a recipe in mind, and these are the ingredients Indigo Herbs have sent me, so I can try it out:

Indigo Herbs

In the meantime, I’ve teamed up with Indigo Herbs to give 3 lucky Twitter friends a chance to win their own hemp bounty – a 50g packet of hemp leaf tea, and a 250g packet of organic hemp seeds. To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is follow both me and @IndigoHerbs on Twitter, and retweet one of my competition tweets.

The giveaway runs from today (26th July 2017) until midnight (BST) on Tuesday 8th August 2017. At that point I will pick three random winners and pass their details onto Indigo Herbs for them to send out their goodies. Neither I, nor Indigo Herbs, will collect/use your personal information for anything else. The competition is only open to people with a UK delivery address.

If you’re already a big fan of (legal) hemp products then by all means leave a comment on how you make use of them. Comments about illegal drugs will get removed. Unless they’re hilarious, of course 😉

Indigo Herbs hemp products