I don’t normally say much about plants that you can’t eat, but this week I was escorting some visitors* from the Hardy Orchid Society around the site at work so I took some photos 🙂

The Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has a population of 3000+ bee orchids, which are in flower at the moment:

Bee orchid

It’s also the right time of year to see the pyramidal orchids, of which there are a few dotted around:

Bee on pyramidal orchid

And there’s the occasional common spotted orchid as well:

Common spotted orchid

What you can’t see at the moment is the white helleborine – its flowers have been replaced with seedpods:

White helleborine seedpods

*For reference, the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory is a secure site. You can’t just rock up and see the orchids there, they’re inside the security fence. However, there are examples of orchids in the local area, outside the fence, and the Hardy Orchid society would be able to give you more information on where to see those 🙂