There’s still time to claim your free vegetable seed tapes from Suttons – two new collections designed to feed a family of four for up to 26 weeks! There’s no catch – you just pay P&P (and you can add your free seeds to a larger order if you want) and the early birds who went for this offer are now seeing the results:

And now there’s a new offer in town – free plants! You can claim a free plant collection, each containing 10 plants worth £19.99, and you only pay the P&P. There’s 5 different collections to choose from – 3 sets of edibles and 2 types of flowers 🙂

Free plants from Suttons

You can choose from:

  1. The James Wong Veg Plant Collection, sure to entice any of you who are interested in growing something a bit different this year. It contains 3 Super Plug Plants of Cucamelon and 3 of Squash Tromboncino, plus 2 each of Chilli Pepper Habanero Red and Squash Patty Pan Yellow Sunburst. You could come up with some interesting recipes for that little lot!
  2. The Veg Salad Plant Collection, an easy way to harvest the best the summer has to offer, with 1 plant each of Hundreds & Thousands (Micro) tomatoes, Tomato Lizzano, Tomato Tigerella, Cucumber Mini Baby and Pepper Apache, plus 4 Lettuce Mixed (Amaze, Mottistone, Lollo Bionda).
  3. The Pepper (Chilli) Plant Collection, with 2 plants each of an enticing range of chilli peppers: Harbanero Red Devil, Habanero Big Sun (Rating 250,000-350,000 SHU, Scoville Heat Units), Joes Super Long (15,000-20,000 SHU), Prairie Fire (70,000-80,000 SHU) and Piri Piri (175,000-250,000 SHU).
  4. The Poppy Mixed Plants Collection will bring colour to beds, borders and contains, with its mixture of three different poppies: Pizzicato, Coral Reef and Royal Wedding
  5. The Lavender Hidcote Blue Plants Collection brings colour and a heady scent to the garden. And did you know that ‘Hidcote’ is considered to be one of the best lavender varieties for culinary uses?

Whichever plant collection catches your eye, ordering it couldn’t be easier – just click through the link and use the discount code FREEPLANTS16 when you place your order. The price will be zero and you’ll just have to pay P&P! Of course, there’s nothing stopping you combining your free plants with others that you’ve had on your wishlist for a while and just paying one lot of P&P for all of them 🙂 Or just claim your free plants if you’re feeling frugal!

I’d love to see your free plants growing, so do stop by to tell me how you get on, or post me a pic on FB or Twitter 🙂