My morning walk has reminded me that it’s time to sow forget-me-nots (Myosotis sp.). I want to add them to the garden for their edible petals, which are the floral equivalent of confetti, although I don’t think they have any flavour to speak of. I bought my seeds last year…

Forget-me-not seeds

…at quite the wrong moment to sow them. I had to get two different packets to get the full spread of colours! For some reason the wild ones haven’t made themselves at home in the garden.

Green alkanet

This one is, I think, Green Alkanet, which has similar flowers to the forget-me-not, but more blue. It has very different leaves (and is a larger plant). It can stay in the hedgerow.


And the cowslips are out. I have one or two plants in containers, which I rescued from the old ‘lawn’ before we started building the garden. I need to find them a permanent home!

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