Fruit Salad Tree

I’m going to compile a list of plants that would be at home in a temperate forest garden. I’ll start off with plants that I have, and move on to ones that I would have if I had the space ;). These posts are intended as a jumping off point, rather than a detailed cultivation guide, as I am not a Forest Garden expert. If you have extra information, or links to good site about these plants then please leave a comment.

My Acca sellowiana has only just arrived.

Known as the Pineapple Guava, or Fruit Salad Tree, this is a fully hardy South American shrub that appreciates a sunny position. You will be rewarded with stunning flowers and edible fruit – although the fruit may only ripen in a long, hot summer or under cover.

According to PFAF, the flowers are edible as well.

The pineapple guava is easy to buy here in the UK. Mine came from Victoriana Nursery Gardens. They’re also available from the Agroforestry Research Trust (who stock several named varieties).