First peppers

I am occasionally despondent about what little we eat from the garden. There are crops that fail, things that only get eaten by the chickens (which, considering they need fresh food as much as we do I do not consider a waste) and things I grow as experiments that it turns out we don’t like.

But I’m fairly sure that this is a pessimistic view and there’s plenty of things we do eat and don’t take much notice of. We both still remember an onion harvest that provided us with nearly a year’s supply of onions (we froze a lot) and we won’t be able to eat our way through last year’s garlic before this year’s is ready or it all sprouts in the cupboard.

So I’m going to make more of an effort to showcase what I harvest and what we eat – as much for my own benefit as anyone else’s. Although I am very proud of today’s harvest, the first peppers of the year (from my overwintered Sweet Lipstick).

They’re not as large as they should be, I don’t think. I should be making more of an effort with the feeding and watering. But they look great and smell great and we’re having them for dinner. There’s one more ripening on the plant, and there’s also new flowers and at least one tiny fruit, so I would call this one a success.