Corn in foil

Clearly we didn’t learn our lesson from our first slightly overambitious bbq meal, because last weekend we found ourselves with another 3-course meal to book on the little bucket bbq.

The appetizer was supposed to be some corn cobs, which the internet assured us could be cooked wrapped in foil (they arrived with us without their papery casings) on the grill in about 20 minutes. After 30 we admitted defeat – there was almost no sign of them cooking – and moved onto the second course.

New potato and halloumi kebabs
New potato and halloumi kebabs

This was new potato and halloumi kebabs, following a recipe from The Telegraph, although a recipe is hardly required. You boil your new potatoes (ours were Jersey Royals, which have just come into season), then push them onto skewers with chunks of halloumi and sage leaves. I picked our sage from the garden.

They’re very quick to cook, although you get more of a roast potato vibe if you leave them a little bit longer so that they’re well done.

I’d brought a mess tin with some butter and dill outside, to melt down to serve with the sweetcorn, so whilst we were eating our kebabs, Ryan re-purposed it to cook our sweetcorn:

Mess tin sweetcorn
Sweetcorn cooking in herbed butter

The way you tell it’s cooked is that it turns from pale yellow to golden yellow. The dill butter was delicious on asparagus, and equally so on the sweetcorn, so we’ll definitely be making that one again!

We were stuffed by this point, but we’d set ourselves up a challenge for dessert. Following on from the success of our first marshmallow toasting, we thought we’d see if we could recreate our success with GIANT MARSHMALLOWS! Did chaos ensure? You’ll have to wait for the next exciting installment of Emma and Ryan’s bbq adventures to find out 😉