As I type this I’m waiting for a very exciting delivery. It’s not Santa I’m expecting, but UPS, bringing me the proofs of my new book. It has undergone a slight name change since I last mentioned it – The Small Harvest Handbook: Vol.1 is now The Small Harvest Notebook: Vol. 1. I’m told this is both modest and ‘unassumingly British’, but it feels more in keeping with the book – which is a step on the road towards developing a beautiful and productive kitchen garden and doesn’t pretend to be the only gardening book you’ll need on your shelf.

This is the current cover design:

The Small Harvest Notebook
You can click on this image to see a slightly larger version

Assuming all is well with the proofs (barring the inevitable typos!) then I can sort out the prices and publication dates and get the book on sale in time for Christmas. And then move onto finalising the Kindle version of The Small Harvest Notebook: Vol. 1 🙂