Edible Dahlias. Clockwise from top left: Black Jack, Fantastic, Hoamataland and Kennedy

As I mentioned in Tendrils last week, my edible dahlias have arrived from Lubera UK. I was disappointed, in the spring, to discover that the crowns I had tried to overwinter weren’t going to spring back to life. It’s not altogether surprising; stored in the shed they were too dry and exposed to fluctuating temperatures. I shall have to come up with a new plan this year.

So I ordered a fresh set, and they have arrived and been planted. Last year we planted all 6 varieties into one raised bed – which led to some extremely floriferous chaos! However, 3 of the DeliDahlia range are marketed as good for containers, so this year I planted 4 into a raised bed and 2 into containers.

In the photo above that’s Black Jack in the top left and Fantastic in the top right. Hoamatland, my personal favourite in terms of flowers, gets centre stage at the front left. Kennedy, front right, is one of the container varieties – a smaller plant it won its place in the raised beds because it is supposed to produce higher yields.

Edible dahlias. Sunset (L) and Buga München (R).

That leaves two in nice big containers – Sunset on the left and Buga München on the right.

And this is why Hoamatland is my favourite 🙂

Edible dahlias

At the moment I’m watering everything in the garden with Envii Protect, a pet-safe formula that feeds plants a mix of essential micronutrients that encourages growth and makes leaves less palatable to slugs and snails. Check back later in the year to see if it works!

Meanwhile, in the front garden, the mashua (which is in a trough) is putting on new growth:

New growth on the mashua

It’s too soon to tell whether it will be able to clamber up the fence without some assistance, but that is the plan. And there are flowers on the Chilean guavas, which hopefully means they have settled in nicely:

Flowers on the Chilean Guavas

We’ve eaten the first raspberries and strawberries (in the garden!) and the tomatoes are ripening. It will be a while before there are courgettes, but the Sárpo potatoes are looking great and we’re looking forward to starting to eat the Kifli next month (the Axona harvest should start a month later).

How are things looking in your veg patch?