Goji branch
Ripening goji berries

I am working on a new book project which is all about people who grow unusual edibles. I would like to include profiles of several growers (some famous, some not). I have some people in mind, but I also know that there are plenty of growers out there that I don’t know by name and it would be interesting to see what they’re up to!

So, if you do grow unusual edibles (i.e. things that are out of the ordinary in kitchen gardens in your part of the world) and you would like to be considered for inclusion, then please send me an email with the answers to the following questions (or leave a comment):

# What unusual edibles do you grow? If you only grow a few, then by all means list individual plants. Or perhaps you grow a lot but are interested in specific plant families or plants from specific geographical regions, or heritage/ heirloom varieties.
# How did your interest in unusual edibles develop?
# How do you track down your unusual seeds and plants?
# Do you have a favourite (commercial) supplier?
# Do you have books and/or websites (or other sources of information) that you recommend?
# Do you have a favourite garden to visit that grows a lot of unusual edibles?
# What are your hints and tips for sourcing unusual edibles?
# Do you have a book/ website/ project etc that you would like mentioned in the book?

Please bear in mind that I may have to edit your responses for inclusion, and that I may not be able to include them all. Thank you!

Update: The book is now finished! Many thanks to everyone who contributed their story. Check out Jade Pearls and Alien Eyeballs 🙂