Tendrils: 170513

Tendrils: 151225

    Merry Christmas everyone! No doubt you’re tucked in front of the tv at the moment, or stuffing your face with roast turkey and stuffing. But if you’ve already succumbed to festive boredom then never fear! Tendrils is here, your weekly round-up of...
Tendrils: 170513

Tendrils: 151113

Ethnobotanist Gary Nabhan has had a rewarding experience, joining foragers in the Sonoran Desert harvesting wild oregano, which he recounts in Stalking Oregano in the Wilds of Mexico. It’s worth taking a moment to ponder how many of the foods we take for granted are...
Tendrils: 170513

Tendrils: 151106

I haven’t (as yet) made pesto by hand, and one of the things I’d like to do in the short term is to find out which of the leafy greens I grow in the garden can be turned into tasty pestos, and which ones we like. I’m going to do it via trial and...

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