Despite the damp weather on Saturday, we went out and planted the potatoes in my new raised beds in the Sunset Strip – one bed each of Kifli (which – since it’s not labelled – I need to note is nearest the house) and one of Axona. We had some spare Axona tubers, so I’ve planted up two crates as well. They’ll all need earthing up in due course, but hopefully by the time they poke their first leaves above ground, the risk of frost will have passed!

Kifli and Axona are both blight-resistant Sárpo varieties. Kifli is a high-yielding salad potato, an early maincrop with creamy, waxy flesh. “Kifli’s claim to fame is that it has a wonderful new potato flavour that remains right through the summer and autumn.”

Axona is a pink skinned main crop potato with stunning dark green foliage and eye stopping pink flowers. Its inbuilt dormancy means that it will keep fresh and without sprouting until spring, whether in storage or left in the ground. It’s suitable for baking, roasting and mashing 🙂

Bye bye Shed 1

Despite the back garden still being a swamp, it was time to make some more progress when the sun came out on Sunday, and so Ryan tackled the old shed. It needs to make way for raised beds and the new little shed, but it has been resistant to falling down on its own. Despite being ramshackle and old, it took some tackling!

Dead shed

In the end, Ryan triumphed!

Taking down the shed has opened up the garden once more, and I even managed to use the washing line on Sunday! And we had tea and cake in the garden, so it has started to feel like a garden once more and not just an ongoing project.

Meanwhile, I have been making some more progress on digging in the front garden:

Half dug front garden

It is about half dug at the moment, so it will take a bit longer to finish. Then Ryan will give it the once over with the tiller to get a better texture, and then it will be time for planting! Now all we need is some drier weather…!