Edible and floriferous dahlias

My plants must know, better than I do, that winter is on its way. Yet they’re showing little signs of giving up hope yet. The edible dahlias – which in theory I should be lifting this month – are still unbelievably floriferous. I took this picture on yesterday morning, after chopping back the floppiest ones yesterday. Ryan took the ‘discarded’ flowers round to his mum.

Some of them are huge – dinner-plate size:

Massive dahlia flower

The buddlejas are still flowering:

Buddleja 'Buzz'

And the saffron crocuses are doing their thing, so I have been able to start harvesting saffron:

Saffron flowering in the raised bed

Over the weekend we sadly said goodbye to Triffid, who kept us in courgettes all summer, and was still gamely trying to make it across the patio to scale the arbour. But it was never going to make it, and we needed the space for the overwintering onions (‘Red Cross’):

Replanted with onions

We were left with some baby courgettes to have for dinner. Removing the smaller, bushier courgette gave me space to plant half of the shallots (Echalote grise). The other half will have to wait until I dig the oca:

Shallot & Oca

Which could be some time yet.

Thriving perennial beds

The perennial beds have gone a bit nutty, and we need to harvest and eat some of the greens. In the meantime, I am pushed for space until:
a) there’s a killing frost (and last year there wasn’t any frost in the garden until the beginning of December),
b) I dig up the dahlias and the oca anyway,
or c) we finish the other half of the garden and build the rest of the beds.

It will be interesting to see which happens first 😉