On the morning of Saturday 4th May, in a stiff breeze, we dismantled lavender shed.

Last photo of lavender shed
The last photo of lavender shed

This has been on the cards since we had the new fencing done. The extra area we fenced in was behind lavender shed. That’s where Ryan’s new workshop will be, and lavender shed was in the way, so it had to go. We have been waiting (and waiting) for its new owners to come and take it away.

Empty lavender shed
Empty shed

I’d moved most of my stuff out a couple of weeks ago, so emptying the shed didn’t take long.

Roofless lavender shed

Taking the roof off was the worst bit; after that the rest came down pretty easily.

Beyond the shed
Big pile o’shed

And then we were just left with a big old pile of shed pieces, which still stopped us getting into the new end of the garden. For a week. Until the people collecting the shed actually managed to come and collect it.

Shed load of space

But now we have a shedload more space (ha ha). The plan is for the paved area by the water butt (which was paved along with the rest of the garden, but has been hidden under the shed for years) to be a patio where we can sit in the shade in the afternoon. The new area enclosed by the fence will be site site for Ryan’s workshop.

Sea grass shed
Newly built Seagrass shed, in 2015

Originally, the plan was that I would – in due course – take over the matching Seagrass shed on the other side of the garden, when Ryan had moved his stuff into the workshop. But I have thought better of that idea. Although they are both a ‘potting shed’ design, they have a major flaw – none of the windows open – that makes them uncomfortable for both plants and people. I gave mine net curtains to make it slightly cooler inside, and Ryan fitted a solar powered fan. Unless I left the door open, it still got hot enough inside to melt plastic (and people).

When we chose the sheds, I thought long and hard about it and opted for something which was mostly shed and a little bit greenhouse. Now I’m thinking I’d be better off with something mostly greenhouse and a little bit shed.

Gardening stuff in little shed
Little shed

It will be a few weeks yet before there’s a need to make a final decision about the fate of Seagrass shed. In the meantime, my gardening stuff is crammed into the little storage shed, which makes it a bit tricky to find anything….