Yesterday evening my plan to harvest purple sprouting broccoli for dinner met with an unexpected obstacle. One of our local blackbird couples had brought their twin fledglings into the garden for a feeding lesson. As you can see in the video, dad was doing a lot of digging about in the raised beds, looking for worms and other tasty things (a lot of which he ate himself! but baby did get fed). The other fledgling was following mum around, as she did much the same. One of the fledglings was quite proactive, getting involved a bit in digging for itself (although half-heartedly). The other one seemed a bit more uncertain, and was content to wait until it was fed. It was also less steady on its feet as it hopped around the raised beds.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had blackbird fledglings in the garden. They came our first spring, when the garden was still lawn:

Bringing up fledglings

Feeding time

I’ve had a couple of comments that they’re early this year; certainly in 2015 they came at the beginning of May.

I don’t remember seeing them last year, which is unsurprising as the garden was still a building site at this point. It’s nice to welcome them back into the garden 🙂 We spent a long time watching them yesterday evening, even before we reached for the cameras.

They’re back this morning, so I still can’t harvest the broccoli (or even refill the bird feeders) without disturbing them, but I will try again at lunch time (when the birds are often less active). We’ve also had baby blue tits in the garden, so obviously we have created a safe haven for fledglings! This is one of the many reasons I choose to garden organically, and with wildlife in mind, and I’m thrilled that it’s paying off.