Ingredients for beer bread

I have resigned from my job, in the hope of a happier life, and the looming period of self-imposed austerity has brought out my Inner Womble 🙂 Ryan picked up a mix for making beer bread at the garden centre (yes, the garden centre) – quite some time ago, as the eagle-eyed amongst you will note from the expiry date. It has been sitting on top of the fridge ever since, and the bottle of beer he bought to make it with has been sitting in the fridge.

My Inner Womble decided it was time to see whether we could use these up and avoid the food waste. It was a simple matter to make the dough – it was more like a muffin batter – roughly mixing the dry ingredients with most of the beer. I froze the leftover beer in the ice cube tray, and will use it in a stew at some point! (Neither of us is a beer drinker.)

I didn’t have great expectations when I popped it into the oven, but in fact the loaf turned out perfectly:

Freshly baked beer bread

I made it for lunch, but in the end we were peckish and it smelled so good that I caved and cut a few slices for elevenses. And so we were able to have tea and warm, buttery bread in the shed 🙂

Shed bread

(Ryan chose the tea – the vanilla rooibos from Kromland Farm.)

Much of the rest of the loaf disappeared, dunked into soup, later on. We turned the end of it into breadcrumbs for the freezer, destined to be turned into homemade fishcakes, or sage and onion stuffing, or possibly topping for a crumble. We can’t decide – they all sound good!